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How to repair cracks in ceramic wash basins

In life, it is very common for ceramic wash basins to have cracks. In this case, it is necessary to repair them in time to avoid more and more serious cracks. So, next, I will introduce how to repair

How to choose a wash basin How to choose the right wash basin

1. Material There are many kinds of materials for washbasins on the market, including marble, granite, artificial stone, stainless steel, mosaic, glass, ceramics, etc. How to choose so many materials?

What is the height of the wall-mounted toilet from the ground?

"The standard size of the height of the wall-mounted toilet from the ground is generally about 30 cm to 50 cm."

Is the wall-mounted toilet easy to use?

Advantages of wall-mounted toilets 1. Save space and facilitate cleaning Now with the soaring housing prices, many young people will choose small-sized houses, so the pressure will not be so great. Fo

Wall-mounted toilets or floor-standing toilets

The toilet is one of the most important utensils in the bathroom, but there are many kinds of toilets. Some people like wall-mounted toilets, others like floor-standing toilets, and some people have a

Advantages of ceramic wash basins

1. Simple maintenance The maintenance of the ceramic wash basin is relatively simple, it is not easy to hide dirt and dirt when using it, and it is easier to take care of. 2, many shapes At present
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