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Garda, a brand of prospective and original design sanitary ware ,since the founding of  Chaozhou Garda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd ,it relentlessly pursue the extraordinary experience of art bathroom and modern fashion life.
Chaozhou Garda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd keep high-speed development by adopting the international management from international management term ,the range of the product included ceramic sanitary ware ,intelligent toilet ,smart mirror, bathroom cabinet, faucet, bathtub, bath room, metal pendants and other bathroom accessories. and the yearly capacity is more than 1.8 million pcs /set .  It has evolved a international and professional large-scale bathroom enterprises for r&d ,production ,marketing and service.
Garda bath adhering to the "strives for the survival by the quality, by the good faith of market efficiency, to science and technology, brand and promote development" business philosophy to encourage myself,Garda  bath adhering to the “strives for the survival by high quality and faith ,strives for the promote development by the experience and understanding of the art ,life and technology , strives for the stable development by the attentive service “ business philosophy to offer the creative and fashion product for our customer ,bring our customer to appreciate the customs of the Europe Artist and the environmental protection and energy saving local product from China ,Garda is aimed at creating more top and international product for each customer of Garda .
Garda fully implement the ISO quality system ,high quality product and strict market sale protection and superior after-sale service is the aim of us , Garda bath adhering to the “strives for the survival by the quality ,strives for the market by faith, strives for the effectiveness by technology ,strives for promote development by brand “ business philosophy to encourage itself ,it has got the trust from our customer by the outstanding quality and services ,Chaozhou Garda sanitary ware Co., Ltd sincerely hope to get your cooperation and guidance !

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